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Is this a good price for birdseed/Do you prefer birdseed mixes?

10 years ago

Hello. This is my first post on this forum.

I just came from Tractor Supply Co. and picked up a 20 lb bag of straight safflower seed, was a little surprised when she run it up for $25 (seemed expensive to me).

I had read that it was best to not use mixes in feeders because of waste (that some birds prefer one seed over another and spill/throw the seed on the floor to get the desired feed...also read that some mixes contain cheap fillers like wheat, millet or milo -I get those confused.. and the waste winds up on the floor).

I have 3 feeders: One hopper that I have been filling with safflower which is a big hit with the cardinals, finches, chickadees amoung others... a smaller feeder with black oil sunflower seed, and lastly a finch feeder with nyjer seed.

Last summer I had a mixed seed in the hopper and had trouble with big black birds throwing the seed around.. I think I read those big birds don't care for safflower.

What are your opinions on seed mixes and should I continue to put straight safflower in my hopper? Can you recommend a place to find economical safflower or is what I paid normal?


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