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No Birds Nesting Yet After All

13 years ago

Hi folks,

Well over a week ago I saw a chickadee tossing out little bits of grass (that I left in there for winter) from our birdhouse (that wrens nested in last summer), and he seemed pretty busy doing that so I figured he had chosen the house for nesting. I was so excited. I watched him from a distance and saw him go into the house and back out again, it was fun.

Yesterday I did my first "nestbox check" and I opened the side of the box to find...nothing but the grass. No nest. Just the grass I left in the box before winter.

I took the grass out figuring maybe it would be better for the box to be empty. I really have no idea (as you can tell). Any thoughts or advice? Should I have waited longer before checking the box? And was I right to remove the grass?

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