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Strange Bumps in Clusters on Tomato Stem Disease

14 years ago

I have searched the web, visited my local extension office, and asked everyone I know, and no one seems to know what is wrong with these plants. The stems looked like it was split, and there were little bumps in clusters where it split. I originally thought it was primordia from overwatering (we did that), but this eventually killed the plant and traveled further up the stems.


1. All but one started from seed I purchased (Burpee, Ferry Morse) in my home. Other was purchased at a local farm market

2. 3 varieties: Grape (jellybean hybrid), beefsteak, golden girl

3. Plants randomly affected. 3 in a row, then a healthy plant, one more affected, then healthy plant.

I have removed all plants that showed signs of the problem. The leaves started to curl a bit over time, and the new leaves were thin and curly. I got one fruit that rotted on blossom end. Stem cut open was hollow in worst affected areas. I did send samples to lab, awaiting results.

Photos included in the webshots link. Hope someone can help. By the way, I'm in Southwestern PA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Webshots Photos of Tomato Problem

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