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stymied, looks like a cooper's on steroids

10 years ago

We have right at the moment what I thought was the largest Cooper's Hawk I'd ever seen. (S)he's been hanging around by our little spring-fed pond, across the drive from our kitchen window. I have NEVER seen a hawk this size, and we've had coopers here for years, who come check out our bird feeders regularly, so know them pretty well. It's at least one half again as large as the largest hawk, to perhaps twice the size. I'm really wondering if there is a chance it's an immature bald eagle. We have them in the vicinity, a friend has a nesting pair at the edge of her property. The back of this bird is brown, with random whitish blotches, the tail seems too short for a Cooper. It appears to be disinterested in the birds at the feeder, and they don't seem to be bothered by it. Hello? All hades breaks loose when the Cooper's appear. It's upper chest is streaked, but more implied blotchy streaks and the belly is white. I have pictures, but through the window and with the exposure they're not good and there is no way to show a reference to size on this. That's what is confusing me. It's huge. I've not seen in on wing yet, was looking away when it was in flight to various points. It sat by the pond and drank. Help? S. E. Appalachian Ohio.

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