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Writers Interviewing Writers

20 years ago

Since I'm not exactly recognized as an "expert" on any particular gardening topic, and just as a matter of adding depth to articles, I'm often required to interview people for my newspaper/magazine articles. In fact, I'm happy to see that one of my past sources is here on this forum.

I recently asked a garden book author to answer 3-4 simple interview questions for an article. I figured she'd appreciate the chance to plug her book. Instead she refused, saying she might just as well write the d*** article herself. Actually this has happened to me several times, with varying degrees of rudeness, and not always in the gardening field.

Why is this? Is it somehow "not done" to interview a writer? Is it cannibalism or something? Am I missing some code of writerly etiquette?

The article still happened, of course. I find no shortage of sources, but sometimes like to include authors. Strangely, the more successful authors are happy to share.

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