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The 5th Annual Greedy Geek Swap

9 years ago

It's that time again!! Start collecting your seeds, and labeling them well...because this round robin is now open!! All seeds must be in by NOV 26th. All others will be returned unopened.

Jump on in and let us know you are joining us!! Anything will do! Type "In", "Yes" or even "HECK YEA!!" just so we know to expect your envie! Don't forget to click the "going" or "joining" button or whatever facebook is calling it these days!

Here is how to do it. Package your seeds up , you can use anything from those small plastic envies to home made ones made from junk mail. Be sure to label them well so we know what it is, then stuff them in a bubble envelope, drop in return address label and return postage, seal the envelope up, and send it to me. When I get your seeds, I will replace each pack with one you did not send, take the address and stamps you sent and place them on the envelope. Seal it up and mail it back to you :). It's that simple!

Very few rules No seeds from before 2013.
No packs of "wild flower" seeds.
No more then 10 packs of one kind of seed
All packs must be labeled with what it is.
DO NOT send money for postage, just postage please.
Finally, HAVE FUN!!

Normally, the very large bubble envies take 5 or 6 stamps to return stuffed with seeds, medium 4, and the smallest take 3 stamps when fully stuffed.

This is a chance for new traders to see what Round Robin's are all about!! The exchange is one pack of your seeds for one pack of someone else's. People just wanting to share seeds are more then welcome to do so.

This will be a large seed swap - going across several sites so please get your seeds in as soon after the opening date that you can!

To join in or to follow the envies as they come in and out, visit us on facebook ( where there will be constant communication. If your not a facebook user, just drop me an e-mail so I can get you my address!

Looking forward to some familiar names and can't wait to see the new ones that join us!

Hope you enjoy!

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