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The Weeds for Lunch Challenge! Your Recipe?

17 years ago

Yesterday I taught someone about medicinal use for Sword-leaf Plantain - then suggested she yank and compost ALL of hers - as it will always be by a nearby roadside when needed. I heard that others eat their Plantain - if so -what recipe/tip do you have for the stringiness?

When I have a use strategy, I enjoy harvesting and using weeds in shifts. That way you can see (and cook) the results of your seasonal elimination work.

Today I plan to make my first Chickweed pesto.

I yanked it separately yesterday, and kept it apart

from compost weeds. (I'll eat their nutritious properties eventually - after spreading compost around veggies!)

What Weeds are YOU eating Fresh?

And what tips from your garden routine or Kitchen

make specific annual Weeds more useable?

Extra Points for helping others

to eradicate a nutritious,

and invasive weed today!

Ways to do Chickweed Pesto...for kitchen newbies:

I'm using stems, seed and all for better nutrition (will trim roots tho - as I don't know what properties are in there) It goes in a food processor with Olive Oil, chunks of fresh garlic.

You can add spicy Allium greens, some parsley, Basil, Sorrel leaves, or other Spring greens if you like.

I have Pine Nuts in the fridge - but am gonna throw slivered almonds, chopped chives and raisins onto the final meal when served instead - since they are more plentiful in my cupboard.

The Chickweed Pesto next becomes a dressing

either for pasta with some somato sauce and greens added,

or for a crunchy Romaine-based salad,

with just a splash of balsamic vinegar added

(taste first and add Kosher Salt first to be sure)

juice of a fresh lemon or lime would also be great

if you have it. Any shredded or grated dry white cheese

can be added, with additional veggies, and/or up to 4 oz. of shrimp, leftover chicken, tuna, canned salmon, or Tofu and nuts to balance proteins, and oils to make it a satisfying Zone meal.

Next month, I may do this peasto with White Beans...

(or in fall if the Chickweed sprout season is done)

In summer, Lots more tomato, wax beans or squash, and cucumber chunks would find its way in the salad or pasta. Strawberries too. (And I'm hoping some mild crunchy peppers will appear despite the onslaught of Slugs that stripped my tender seedlings to sticks!)

What are you eating from your weeding routine?

There are more ways to use Weeds at the Table on this page below. A TIP: copy/paste Weed names first into the Images search box - and look for an authoritative ID source - to confirm assumptions about what is meant - as even for common weeds, sometimes different regions use a name for something similar - and making assumptions can be dangerous.

PS: some lovely Purslane, Borage and spicy Mustard are flowering tall now - if Portland area people want seed - Come and get it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Some Edible Weeds - & their uses

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