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Serious weeds infestation with fruit trees in lawn. What to do?

12 years ago

I am in Los Angeles with the some of the lawn in full sun, some in shades with algae, and some gets partial sun throughout the day. I water 5 minutes all over 1x a week now, and 10 minutes 2x a week in the summer. Front and back lawn together is about 6,000 sqft.

The lawn is green without any yellow spots because it's full of weeds. Huge patches of clover, white clover, ground ivy, white mushrooms (5" diameter), brown mushrooms (1/2" to 2" diameter), algae, dandelion, crabgrass, bluegrass, plantain, and who knows what else. I may not have real grass at all. I just bought the house and never had to take care of a lawn before. Can't find a gardener that can help. Most gardeners here are mow-and-blow type.

There are mature fruit trees on the seriously weed infested lawns. The fuyu persimmon and black fig trees are doing well. Loquat tree is fruiting but tiny and not tasty. Lemon and blood orange trees are dropping yellow leaves like crazy although the lemon tree is fruiting well but many lemons grow in weird alien shapes. Blood orange tree on the other hand has very few fruits and very sour.

My questions:

1. What do I do to kill all weeds without killing the lawn? Use commercial weed and feed? Which brand? Use sugar?

2. What about the fruit trees? They are all on the lawn. If I use commercial chemical weed and feed, won't the chemicals get into the fruit? In addition to all the mature 2-story tall fruit frees, I just planted a reed avocado grown from a pit that is only 2 feet tall, will the weed and feed kill it?

Thank you in advance!! I'm totally clueless and do not have the money to re-sod.


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