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Can I use vines as an alternative to tinted windows?

12 years ago

This is a question for people who live in the United States.

I'm in the process of renovating my home, but I've hit a roadblock. The company doing my windows is telling me that I can only install tinted windows from now on. Apparently they reduce the heat going into your home, and end up being more environmentally friendly than traditional windows.

So that got me thinking: as long as your windows reduce the heat in your home, aren't we free to experiment with other configurations? Here's my big idea: Instead of using tinted windows, why not cover them with creeping vines instead? Surely they'll block around the same amount of light if you let them grow.

I'd love a setup like this if it's allowed:

My cousin in Canada has asked around, and some Ottawa windows installers even offer to set up the vines FOR you. Unfortunately, the company I'm dealing with knows jack about how vines would figure into this tinted window law.

Has ANYONE tried what I want to do before? Logically it makes sense, but I just know some legal technicality will prevent me from using vines instead of tinted windows. I'd love the added privacy of vines, and understand that they're very low maintenance.

Thanks in advance for any possible insight.

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