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Warning: Wild grape vine will smother trees

16 years ago

I've kept up a constant battle with wild grape vines growing under evergreen trees at the edge of my yard for years. It can be done but I must remain vigilant. My neighbor just let them grow and they completely suffocated one large evergreen and spred to others.

Their tendrils wrap tightly around anything it can reach and the vine grows so quickly and dense that in a matter of just a couple years it can envelop trees suffocating them from light and killing them. Left to get out of hand, it will spread from tree to tree or along phone wires at heights impossible to reach, so the only point of attack is from the ground.

The roots and stems can get as big as huge tree roots and, if you're lucky enough to cut them in time to save your trees, the roots will resprout but it is possible, with diligence, to control them. Hopefully even destroy them completely.

A new neighbor moved in and thankfully removed them just in time to save several other trees, mine included. I'm writing this to save others the agony of having to remove them after the damage has been done, leaving a gaping hole in what was once (and hopefully will be again)a beautiful treeline. So much nicer to look at trees than old decks in the lots backing up to us. Sandy

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