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Raybo's EarthTainer 'Farm' on May 1 (pics)

13 years ago

April turned out to be a pretty good month in Northern California this year. Temps hit in the 90's on 4 days, and the plants really loved it:


Bloody Butcher and Buckbee New 50 Day have set a number of fruit, with the Bloody Butcher now 28" tall:


The "Myth-Busters Challenge" between "Old" Tomato-tone and "New" Tomato-tone is becoming more interesting. Here is a pair of Goose Creek with the "Old" tomato-tone on the left:


The Goose Creek with the "New" Tomato-tone has caught up in overall growth, but is still not as lush green as the plant with the "Old" Tomato-tone.

The Ed's Millennium is still showing a "lead" for the "Old" Tomato-tone:


On these 4 plants (Big Beef, Celebrity, Carmello, and Dona) I used a 50/50 mix of the "Old" Tomato-tone and "New" Tomato-tone, apparently without any harmful effects to date:


The CornTainers continue to develop as I have staged seeding every two weeks:


I am experimenting with 5 different varieties in the 10 CornTainers to see which variety does best in this climate:


Stalks are thickening up and I am very happy I elected to plant only 15 stalks per 'Tainer as they already look overcrowded:


I am a little disappointed in the Candy Onions as they seem to be languishing a bit:


But the Snow Peas continue to shoot through the roof:


Hopefully, the month of May will be just as kind.


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