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Help!!! Tomato leaves shriveling up

15 years ago

Hello. I have recently moved to a new place. At my former house we planted tomatoes every summer for at least 4 years and they were great!!! So, now at our new place, I looked for the spot with the most sun and decided to plant the tomato plants there. I have 7 different plants. One is fairly healthy although some of the leaves look a little yellow (this never happened at our old place). The leaves on the other plants are shriveling up and instead of growing, the plants look like they are actually getting smaller. I did not grow them from seed. I thought it could be that they needed more water so I have been watering them daily and sometimes twice a day (something I also never had to do at my old place).Really I am just surprised because I was used to my tomatoes being so maintenance free, but I really want tomatoes this summer again. Maybe it is the soil, which is clay-like here and I did try to amend it a bit before planting. The plants are not dead yet, so is there anything I could do to save them?? I REALLY appreciate the help.


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