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Would anybody be willing to trade me some dragonfruit cuttings??

14 years ago


I've been wanting to try to grow some of these for a while now. From what I've heard, they're very easy to grow once you get them started. I don't really care what cultivar I get, just as long as it is a named cultivar. It would be nice to eventually get one red flesh variety and one white flesh variety. Also, it would be preferable to have a cultivar that doesn't need to be crossed in order to fruit (however, I think I may eventually get "red jaina" anyways just because it looks so good. I think that with the red fleshed varieties though I'll stick with Zamorano because it doesn't need to be crossed).

Anyways, I don't have any fruit trees of my own (except mulberries), but please feel free to check my trade list and see if there's something you like.

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