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Some advice on a limitate selection of mangos for potted growing

13 years ago

Hi everyone. I don't know if someone remembers about me, but i'm trying to grow mangos in central italy. I should be zone 9a according the USDA, even if here our winter are somewhat different from yours, and days in winter are cooler. Anyway.

Because of my climate i choosed the Glenn mango for soil growing. If i manage to let him survive the winter it should be fruiting well, since our very dry summers (i'm in tuscany). Anyway, lately, i was wondering how long it takes from flower to ripe fruit (on average) on this cultivar. This because i can expect first bud to start growing on April (like it is happening now on some Kensington Pride mango i own) and in october i'll see temperatures to drop under the 20C (68F) so i'm wondering if i have time to harvest. I have already found a nursery selling glenn to me.

Of course the glenn growing in ground is the most optimistic result: i'm loking mainly for potted growing. Here inside EU we don't have many climates suitable for mango growing but from an advice given by a member of this board i found that has some choices about varieties. But i don't have any tasting experience... so i need some advice.

They have for sale:










Mun (Nam Doc Mai?)



Tommy Atkins

Valencia Pride


I really really hoped to get that Nam doc mai (seems nice for pot growing and even if fruit don't ripe i can get a use for them) but the name "Mun" confuses me a bit... is the nam doc mai or it isn't? Edward seems nice but in a pot i doubt i'll see any fruit. I have heard that Ataulfo is very sweet, wich i really like. I don't know the others.

Has someone some advice? Thank you very much.

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