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Whats wrong with my lychee, and what do i do?

14 years ago

Hello everybody this is my 1st post, so please help me. Let me start of by saying that i am a 17 year old guy who loves lychees, and have eaten them in florida.I live in ventura county and am trying to learn how to be a successful tropical fruit grower. I have recently purchased my 1st tropical fruit plant, a four foot brewster lychee tree from papaya tree nursery. I have many concerns about the tree because i have noticed many leafs turn brown starting from the tips and progress onward. It has been 2 months since i have planted the treee, and ive only fertilized it with 5-1-1 fish stuff 2wice. I have watered it from time to time but it has received most of its water from the rain. The leafs of the lychee which have brown in them are mostly in the canopy and are kinda light green in color. I feel guilty because i feel as if i am the cause of the browing of the leaves, because i have planted it in a wind blown area.

I have some questions?

1. What can i do to help my lychee tree, are the leafs turning brown because of the wind, and is it to late to replant somewhere else?

2. Are there any products that can help?

3.I have seen many posts of people showing off their longan trees in california, do those do better than lychees here and if so what are the secrets to planting a successful kohala longan tree, and making it fruit WELL and survive. Does it also get brown leafs as often as the lychee?

Thank you...And i wil post pictures of my tree soon

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