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What happened to my tomatos? (disease? pest etc.?)

18 years ago

Hi this was a somewhat dissapointing year for tomatos for me. I grew all heirlooms (and I think that may have been part of the problem i.e. no disease resistant pest resistant etc. strains / hybrids....)..... I got a few good tomatos but many were no good to eat. Healthy vines loaded down with tomatos..... some varieties huge.... larger than my hand. That being said just before ripening when still mainly green something attacked many of them. I garden organically so resisted the urge to spray pesticides but I'm wondering next year if there is an organic or other method to prevent this problem. The tomatos also were "let go" because I went to Europe in early September and the last tomatos looked ravaged.... as had some before them. The tomatos looked as if they had holes in them.... in the skin and a little down in the flesh and when you looked little bugs were crawling in it and probably ? eating it?..... A couple of the tomatos developed a soft gray/black spot and one side and seemed to rot before ripening. I had both problems. What are these problems and how can I prevent them next year?

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