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The usual Tomato probs, yellowing, disease / pest?

15 years ago

Been browsing this forum for the past couple of years, due to the trouble I've had lately w/ tomatoes. This will be my 4th year growing them, with each year seemingly more difficult.

The last 2 years (and this year isn't looking so hot) have resulted in my crop dying off before I even get many tomatoes.

Last year I really hit them w/ a variety of things after researching possible diseases and pests. Neem, Daconil, insecticide spray, sevin, even Malathion when I pretty much gave up. Nothing seems to help much.

I had figured perhaps my soil (heavy clay) was part of the cause, and this season built raised beds with mostly good composted manure (not the free municipal stuff). It's been a wet cool season (in the midwest) for the most part, and the plants have grown slowly b/c of it.

But recently I'm getting more yellowing and diseased looking leaves. The last few days things are really starting to scare me into thinking I may not get much this year either. What's worse is I leave town soon and won't return for 10 days. I have a feeling I may come back to a dead garden again :(

I've tried doing some self diagnosing, but keep going in circles as to what may be the problem. At this point I'm hoping somebody here can help at least identify what is going on, in hopes that I can correct it at least in the future. I'm no expert on bugs, but I have seen some - those that are visible to the naked eye at least - on my leaves. There are also dark spots on the bad leaves, visible in some of the pics below, and I'm not sure if they are very small bugs or the result of bugs / disease.

I have approx 30 plants that include 10 varieties, most started from seed, but this seems to be effecting most of the plants. The BHN640 and Big Beefs seem to look slightly worse than most and make up the majority of pics.

Any help is very much appreciated!!

Here are some pics taken this evening. The yellowing begins at the bottom and is appearing to work it's way up. I've gone a little light this year on applying anything. I've used sevin once, daconil once, and neem once a week for the past month. They took a nasty hit from a hail storm last week as well - poor guys.








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