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cosmo volkov, winter squash, hot peppers WANT: det. heirloom, swe

12 years ago

I only have space to grow a few plants, so I just want to make very small trades of 5-10 seeds or so.

Here is what I have right now:


Cosmonaut Volkov (these are from 2008 purchased from Fedco, originally had very high germination)

Indian Stripe (just ordered these from the Sample Seed Store, should be able to spare 5 seeds or so)

Japanese Black Trifele (from a trade, do not know their provenance, but they germinated well and grew true to type for summer 2010)


Fish (from SSE 2010)

Hinkelhatz (from SSE 2010)


Kikuza winter squash (from SSE 2010)

Tetsukabuto winter squash (from Evergreen Seeds 2010)


Winterbore (from Territorial 2008? or 2009?)



Any good heirloom determinate and early or mid-season beefsteak tomato, especially orange or black

Orange Minsk

Bell or Sweet Peppers:

Early and hardy varieties of bell, pimento, Italian sweet, etc. such as Gypsy, Northstar, healthy, King of the North, Bull's Nose, Sweet Chocolate, etc. Also big sweet frying peppers such as Marconi or similar

As I said earlier, I may only be able to trade maybe 5 - 10 seeds of each thing I have, and I only need maybe 6 seeds or so of whatever I am sent.

I might have other stuff I forgot to list here, so go ahead and ask if you need something. We also have salad greens, possibly Kohlrabi, and other things!

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