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Please tell us what a seed swap is like!!

17 years ago

Hello there,

Being new to this forum, could some of you who've been about here for a while share your stories about plant swaps.

Here are some questions to add to your thoughts:

In what form(s) do folks bring their plants to swap, seed bags, bare root, etc.?

Do we carry our plants around? or does each person have a space/table/blanket on the ground to save their picks and share their abundance?

Do we bring refreshments for ourselves or pot luck to share?

Do we get to make our own name tags?!

Is there certain "plant swap" etiquette or protocol? etc., etc.

I'll even ask the questions that shy people want to know about.**Since many gardener souls are very easily solitary life adventurers and such, how do folks who are shy and all blend in to the melange of plant lovin' energy of a plant swap? Some others of us are probably very outgoing, and everything in between.

Hope this is enough to get a wonderful thread going.

BLiss and blessings to all,

Devi (sounds just like Davie)

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