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Raised beds, what to put on the bottom and what soil mix?

16 years ago

I'm about to order the wood for my raised bed that I'm putting up this year. What do I put on the bottom? I suggested weed fabric to my husband, to which he replies that the roots of my plants wouldn't be able to get through if they wanted to go deep. So, what am I to put on the bottom? I also suggested cardboard, but he said it would deteriorate after a year or so, making it ineffective.

My other question is, what mix should I put into it? This is going to be a veggie garden, I have no resource for actual compost, before anyone says it. The closest I can get to compost is compost peat hummus, which someone once told me is nutritionally devoid, so not to bother. Whatever I can get on the Lowe's website is what I can put in there. If someone could go there and look at their "Sand, Soil and Amendments" section in the garden center topic of the outdoors section and tell me what would be a good mix of fillers to sustain a healthy garden, that would be wonderful, as I am a newbie to this whole "raised bed, SFG thing.

Thanks in advance, I really desperately need the help as I am ordering within the next day or so. Or I can wait on the dirt until I get a good amount of suggestions.

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