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Warning! Pic-Heavy lumps! Lopsided Garden Part II

14 years ago

The title describes it all, hee-hee!

Baby blooms from baby bands:

Gemini, my beloved tree rose-miracle survivor:

Very young Tiffany, adjusting to my harsh soil, unlike my potted baby bands...Plus thrips keep eating her pale pink blooms. But once she matures, she'll really come into her own...

Aromatherapy: foliage too leathery for my liking plus very dense heavy petals, but so long as it has strong fragrance it is forgiven, lol! It is a very intelligent rose too, haha!... Its blooms keep getting progressively darker, to protect itself from the you can tell from the photos (the last being the most recent)

The only pale-colored Asiatic lily to survive the thrips' destruction (but only because I was forced to transplant it elsewhere):

But look here! Same Asiatic lily but different color in the worst thrips' location, scotch-free from damage!!!!

Here are other Asiatic lilies in the "safe zone" but this time the photos are from my boyfriend who hates the roses but enjoys the lilies because I never talk about or obsess over them. Note he is a much!!! better photographer than I am and can control that camera! one of the photos has me in it, destroying his shot, lol!

Jim, I'll post the entire garden a few responses later, so that you can reallllllly tell that I'm not! exaggerating when I say that my garden is lopsided and weird....The closeups are hiding the truth right now. hahaha!

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