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How to save seeds from carrots and beets?

15 years ago

Right now I have a carrot and a beet that I have managed to sprout in the heat of summer. They would be ready to pick, but I figured they are not going to be too tasty. I also figured if I save seed from them I might select heat tolerant characteristics. I can use heat tolerance here since I try to grow everything I can for as long as I can (I do sow carrot and beet seeds just about every month).

I have never tried to collect seeds from either crop so I could use some help with them. Will beets flower and put out seeds like lettuce? What about the carrot? I understand they are biennials, does this mean I just patiently wait another year? I hear they make nice flowers, maybe the bees will like them.

Another question: will one specimen of each give me enough seed for an urban size garden?

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