Is it okay to have more than one plant per pot?

11 years ago

I'd love to hear some opinions about whether growing two or more cuttings together in one pot is okay. I've seen some large ones in my neighborhood grown as multiples in very large pots and wondered how it affects blooming.

My first cutting five years ago was a Singapore that has grown rather, uh, oddly. I pruned it back a couple of times (not knowing how long that was going to set back blooms--aargh!), and made two more plants. One two-foot tall "baby" now resides with the two-foot tall mother plant in a 7-gallon pot and they make a much more attractive unit than they would individually. They actually look very healthy and it makes for easier storage in the house.

However, if I'm not going to see blooms (again!) from these because they're inhibiting each other's nutrient uptake, then I'll split them up come spring.

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