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Red Cascade as raised bed border?

15 years ago

Please let me know if this is a good idea or is there a better choice. I will be putting in a raised bed in the front yard made with cinder blocks, 2 high, caped with flat stones. It will be 5'X12'. There will be 3 staggered rows of daylilies of true pinks, cherry reds and whites. In between the DLs will be Penstemon Mystica (pale pink/white flowers on burgundy stems. At first I was going to put sedums as a cascading border. Now I think Mini cascading roses would do more to soften the edges of the blocks and stones. There are no other flowers in the front of the house, just evergreen foundation plantings and a Redbud. This bed will be the star. I have a large garden in the back of the house which takes up half the space. I grow old roses,and climbers there. All ideas welcome. Thanks Elizabeth

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