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Steve's Random Baccatum Photo's 2013

9 years ago

Hi all, just figured I'd share a few of the less common ones.

^^ CGN 23566, Bell shaped with stinger. Not the typical pod shape but there are a couple of others that tried forming this way.

^^ CGN 23566, this one almost achieved the bell shape with stinger.

^^CGN 23566, typical pods, the longest one is about 7 inches. The smaller ones are still growing. Haven't eaten one yet, I had a late start with seeds and plant-out this year.

^^ CGN 23566, same pods minus the hand.

^^Aji Amarillo #2. Another less common one in NA. This Plant is around 5 ft tall, and it didn't form it's first true split till it was 3ft high. It's first flush is over 2 dozen pods. This one is a good candidate for overwintering.

^^ Aji Amarillo #2 flower and young pod.

^^ Cap 220. 500{{gwi:807}} SHU. Flavor is somewhere between a Baccatum and Annuum. Medium thin flesh, small seeds, good skin. Haven't had a ripe on as we've been eating them too fast. The plant itself seems like it can get pretty big with lots of branching.

^^ Cap 220, to give a better idea of pod size. The straight pods range between 4" to 5" inches.

^^ Cap 220 flower

^^ Aji Cristal that was overwhelmed by it's neighbors. You can only see the right half here as i bent the left side back to get a better view. There are a couple of Cristal types, this is the one with the bulky waistline. Edible pods form fast, it grows from pollination to edible yellow pods in about two weeks, give or take a few days. I highly recommend this one. Heat is variable and subsides quick.

^^ CGN 16905. Longest ones about 5". Medium thin flesh, small seeds, good skin, decent baccatum flavor (not lemony). Variable heat ranging from 0 ~ 1000 shu, whatever little heat is concentrated in the top half. This plant is also on the larger side.

^^ CGN 16905.

^^ CGN 16905 flower.

Sorry my pics did not come out clearer, but everyone is more than welcome to snag and post these pics to any chili database they may participate in.

Thank you for stopping in :)


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