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Help me plan for Spring (a request for pictures)

Ludicious Acres
10 years ago

Now that fall has finally settled here in Philly I don't have much to play with outside since everything is well on its way to sleep.

Living in this house almost three years this was my first real year of gardening. Old unattended shrubs, random perennials buried underneath them, and no sense of up-keep or maintenance are pretty much what I am working with. I have fondly taken to calling it my jungle. But we all heard the story back in June so I won't rehash it here :p

Now that the leaves are almost down, the perennials gooey, and the overgrowth has died back (we did some serious pruning too) I can see the layout of the original beds better versus back in June.

I have started to map out the old landscaping versus what I would like to see it become in the following years. Naturally, you like to know what the plant you intend to garden with will look like. In the case of hostas that is not hard since there is so much documentation in the way of photos.

As we all know, this forum is great for viewing hosta photos. We are also lucky enough to have the hostalibrary. There are some hosta that I have looked at the library/stock photos and then I see the same hosta posted here on the forums and it will change my mind completely (Mctavish's Frosted Jade).

I have found though, some are not as well documented as others. This may be due to popularity, commercial availability, or the cultivar is very old.

I acquired about 30+ new hosta this year, most of which were decided upon based off picture alone but some were due to the description of mature growth ,or I saw a one-of picture that sold it on the spot (Mikado in this case).

I find that some of you out there are sitting on some beautiful mature clumps but we never see them either because the topic doesn't come up, or it did at one point and has been pushed back too far to search on the forums (the winter 2012 alphabet for example).

The request in all of this is for pictures of specific cultivars I have either acquired or are on my wishlist. If you have them and don't mind sharing I would greatly appreciate it. By all means though please link other pics of your favorites so as to enable me.

Thank you in advance to all those that share. I appreciate the generosity and will surely update you with thoughts and photos next year as I tame the jungle.



Fluted Fountain - I first saw UK's pic and thought it had great potential. After some research it seems it's a slow grower, but the ruffled edges and vase shape are what enticed me to buy it. If it grows up the way I anticipate I would like to group it with Frank Lloyd Wright and Krugerrand.

Mikado - I found (through google search) a forum post on GW back from May of 2009 where a member posted pics of their Mikado and I was SOLD. After research I found out it was registered in 1982 by Aden (I wasn't even alive yet). So, this one has been around for quite some time. Link below of referenced Mikado post.

Regal Supreme - We had a post about this guy back in July 2012 where there were two pics posted. I also managed to find a pic of UK's and I think I had asked about it as well in a separate post of mine. This one seems to be elusive and under performing.

The rest are on my wishlist:

Choo Choo Train

Gemstone - stumbled upon this one in the library - anyone growing it ?


Nancy - everyone raved about this one in a poll for yellows earlier this year - whatever became of that poll anyway ???

Nigrescens - HH has a great pic

Peacock Strut

Proud Sentry - only ever seen Naylor's catalog pic

Royal Flush - is this a look a like for Goodness Gracious ?

Smooth Sailing - Mocc first showed me this one

Winter Snow - Bevie Schmidt's pics on the library are what made me add this one to the list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mikado

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