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Neighbor Tearing Out Tulip/Poppy/Daffodil Garden!!

10 years ago

Help! Our lovely neighbors are planning to nuke and tear out the flower garden planted by the previous owners...he rototilled and sprayed last fall, but the bulbs all came back up this spring. He's now contracted with a lawn service to come and plant a new lawn, and told me last weekend (April 25th) that I'd be welcome to dig up whatever I wanted to take.
What do I do?? These are bulbs that are about to bloom. Poppies in the back of the bed don't seem to be up yet, but I would really love to take as much of the garden into mine as humanly possible.
Dig it up, lock stock and barrel with as much soil as I can, and hope for the best? Their little boy and dog need a yard to play in, but I'd love to preserve Cheryl's garden for our senior neighbor...she's always called it "her flower garden".
Thanks for any and all advice, I'll have to move on this Saturday, will get pics if I can!

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