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Show Us Your 'Prettified' Row Covers, Hoops, Rain Blankets

14 years ago


I posted this on another forum and someone guided me to this one as more appropriate. Wow! The potagers you all have created are brilliant! I am so glad to find you!

Are you the opposite of Gunilla Knutson? Instead of embracing the zen of "take it off, take it aaaaall off", do you cover up your tomatoes and other heat-loving, rain- hating plants? In this part of the world, it really helps to cover up in early Spring and to provide shelter from the fall rains prior to our first frost, but I don't want to destroy the aesthetics of my potager* with anything too unsightly. If any of you use protective devices in creative or attractive ways**, I would love to see your photos!

With great excitement and anticipation,


*you'd think it would have occurred to me to search out a forum with the name of "Potager Gardens", non?

*c'mon, get your mind out of the gutter!

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