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Help with My Chinese Fan Palm

11 years ago

Hello Gardeners! I would love help, if possible, with my palm.

I've more or less decided that I have a Chinese Fan Palm - no one seems to know for sure - and I've just brought it indoors for the winter (I'm in Canada).

Over the summer outdoors it was doing GREAT - it grew about a foot and leaves became very strong and lush - but now, just after a week or so indoors it's already looking gloomy. I'm shocked that it's responded so badly so quickly; I was expecting some semblance of dormancy, but not a full out crisis.

We don't receive direct sunlight in the winter (we're in a condo) so I bought a 'plant grow bulb' by Ottlite and am illuminating it for about 6hrs a day, as well as misting with distilled water every morning until the leaves are saturated.

Not sure if this is going to be a decent replacement during the winter? I hope so.

My main concern are fronds looking increasingly grim and crispy and the top fronds actually becoming brown and cracked right in the middle, to the point where the fronds are now drooping down and looking sickly.

Can I take fronds/leaves off completely? Would they regenerate? How about the brown tips - can they be trimmed?

And how should I care for this high maintenance child of mine during the winter months?! Are grow bulbs a sufficient light source? Do I cut down on watering?

I've included some photos - were taken with my phone, so not great! - so any input would be appreciated.

Ok I only seem to be able to upload one photo?! Hm. Well the others I have show the huge browned and cracked fronds on top, but I am sure that a photo is not needed.


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