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Growth Rate of a Coconut Palm in Central Florida

16 years ago

I just returned home from a trip down to Central Florida where I haven't visited for well over a month. I planted a dwarf coconut palm about 3 feet in height there on June 20 at my girlfriend's apartment in Kissimmee. When I arrived there Thursday evening I noticed the palm is now around 6 feet high - man it grew fast! This was my first time growing a coconut palm, or any palm in Florida for that matter. I guess the constant 70-78F dew points really shoot these suckers into high gear.

I believe the palm is a green malayan dwarf, so does anyone know how long it takes for these to begin fruiting? I purchased this palm for $34 at Lowes in June just to have a palm down in Florida before I move there next month. I never really expected to do much with it after we move into a new house, but after seeing the rapid growth it really sparked my interest into moving this palm along with me.

I was planning to purchase a specimen size coconut palm later on, but if they seriously grow this fast, there may be little sense in spending so much on a larger one. Any suggestions? (besides why the hell are you growing a coconut palm in central florida, etc, etc, etc -- we've been down that block many times)


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