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Palm Photo Summer Growth Report from New York

13 years ago

As you may recall my palms were small.

The tracky had some size and the Jelly plams were 1 gallons moving into a 3 gallon size but thanks to an unusually warm Spring and sizzling Summer and lots of watering everything has increased in rapidly.

Here is the Tracky - its added huge leaves.

Here is a close up of the tracky center - the palm frods look amazingly arranged.

Here's Penny getting a bath from my wife. She's sooo cute.

Baby Agaves - thanks Laura!

Just transplanted this Jelly Palm into a "BIG" pot!

Here's the other Jelly palm planted in a terra cotta pot and its grown into a 5-8 gallon size I'd guess.

Here's my third Jelly Palm in the ground!

A back yard shot.

The sabal Palmetto is adding leaves and doesn't mind part shade - also a hibiscus in the background.

The stag horn fern was burned a little from the 103* F heatwave and I had to add shade - she's growing fast too!

and Spanish moss too!

You may remeber my tracky palm in the Spring - it was much smaller then.

The Jelly Palm was much smaller! Here she's in a 1.5 gallon pot inside a 5 gallon terra cotta pot in April.

This is the Jelly palm that is now planted in the ground.

What a difference 6 months make.

Bye for now:)

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