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Stunted growth on palm

12 years ago

I have several Christmas palms in an island in the front yard well established, in the ground 4-5 years in healthy condition. I noticed on one a stunted spear which opened to a very small frond, appx 25% normal size. It shows no sigs of deficiency or damage, it is nice and green with no yellowing or brown spots to indicate Magniesium problems. It does give the appearance of being crunched up like it is not fully expanded. What could this be? Upon checking the other nearby palms some also show reduced size fronds in the most recent or youngest fronds but none as severe as this and they are all nice and green some of the best looking on the tree. We did have an unusually cold winter here in S. Florida, Palm Beach Co. and these trees did suffer cold damage in the form of dead leaf tips but with the warm weather they seem to be growing out of this producing new growth. They are in full sun most of the day and were fertilized a few months ago when the cold left. could I have over done it with the fertilizer?

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