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Transplanting large plumeria

18 years ago

Hi all,

I live in South Africa (winter rainfall region, no frost in winter, warm summers).

I have a large frangipani tree (havenÂt seen it yet, but I think it is larger than 2x2m, pink flowers with yellow in the middle) which I want to transplant from one garden to another. Can anybody please give me advice on how to do this successfully?

Is it better to transplant the whole tree, or just take a cutting of a big branch?

If I should transplant it, I have the following questions:

When is the best time to transplant the tree? It is end summer now, should I wait for autumn?

How big are the roots in relation to the spread of the leaves? How deep are the roots? Do they spread wide or deep? How much roots can the tree loose to still survive the transplant well. Any advice on how to dig the tree out?

We have clay ground, and I believe that these trees do not like too much moisture. Is it therefore better to plant it in the ground, or a big pot?

If planting in the ground: how big should the hole be? What type of group should I use?

If planting in a pot: how big should the pot ideally in relation to the tree?

Regarding the transport: weÂll have to move the tree using a small truck of some sort. Any special care I should take here? The branches of the tree are very soft. Will it survive the trip without breaking?

Thanks a million :)

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