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wanted: have : heirloom tomatoes for trade

11 years ago

I am looking for larger trades, to make the shipping worth it. I have been growing these from seed in my greenhouse all spring. They range in size from small to medium. I even have large plants blooming now but I feel they would be more delicate to ship. I am looking for peppers...I cannot eat really hot peppers. I know this is the hot pepper forum, but they dont' have a pepper forum for us heat wimps lol.

I would like to trade for sweeter peppers, or peppers with just a little bite to them.

1.) Annie's Sunshine

2.) Reif Red Heart

3.) Amish Yellow

4.) Missouri Pink Love Apple

5.) Perito Italian

6.) Aunt Ruby's Yellow

7.) Kentucky Pineapple

8.) Pantano Romanesco

9.) Costoluto Genavese

10.) Black Russian Truffle

11.) Abe Lincoln

12.) Hippie Zebra

13.) Black Tomato Nyagous

14.) Thessaloniki

15.) Black from Tula

16.) Bread and Salt

17.) Abraham Lincoln

18.) Super Choice

19.) Rutgers

20.) Roma

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