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A little debris must fall

9 years ago

And that is just what it did....catching me smack dab on the eyeball. What was so terrible about it, the hit came in the middle of the first tour ever of ZKathy through my hosta garden. What a revolting development!

Used a whole bottle of Visine to try to flush it out, and sprayed the kitchen sink nozzle in it as well, but no relief.

Kathy was a trouper though, and we finished the tour, I thanked her for the bottle of vino Italiano blanco (she learned her manners from Ken I do believe), and it was such a nice time for me...even this late in the season. My garden is not quite ready for prime time which passed about mid July really. But, having another person to talk with and walk with was a true delight.

As a grandma, Kathy is certainly youthful in appearance.

Well, upshot of the eye injury was a visit to the best eye doc in the southeast, Dr. Duffy, and I did that last Tuesday. He said I had to contusions on the eyeball, and the lid was scratched. I got drops for day and night, and return this afternoon for the progress exam.

I attach a photo of what is falling from my pecan trees now that the bag worms are going dormant too. Notice the tree leaves are reduced to nothing but veins, which makes me wonder if these worms are also the culprits eating some of my hosta leaves.

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