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Vole or mole damage and an idea to protect the hosta

10 years ago

I have a very narrow bed on the north side of my house next to my garage (20"Wx22'L) that I have discovered entrances to tunnels - some right in the middle of the hosta plant! There are no mounds or raised tunnels, all of the openings go straight into the ground - so maybe they are all voles?

The poor Hadspen Blue had almost all of the roots on one side eaten away - and it is barely hanging on.

I am planning on picking up some bait pellets (which I have never used before), but I had an idea to protect this entire narrow bed and wondered what you all think....

If I were to pick up hardware cloth or screening and form it into a long rectangular shape and bury it along side the garage and then use separate piece(s)to lay on top, how do-able do you think this is? If you think it would work, how deep should I bury the hardware cloth/screening to give the roots room to grow? I often use this area for my new purchases to give them time to grow to size before putting out into the garden - so the plants are fairly small.

Or do you think I should just put poison in the holes and forget about the screening?


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