2011 Fall GW Plant Swap

10 years ago

Summer is coming to a close and the cooler weather this week is a good time for dividing and moving plants. We are having our driveway replaced during the next two weeks and some edging will need to be removed as well.

At the spring swap I volunteered to host the fall swap. I suggest Sept. 18 with Sept. 25th as an alternative.

Location: Maple Grove near intersection of I-94 and I-494.

What to bring: plants, tubers, bulbs, etc., empty pots, magazines and books, other gardening paraphernalia, and a pot luck dish to share for a light lunch.


We each place the plants we brought in a separate group . Next we all go from group to group and each person tells about the plants she/he has brought. This gives us all a chance to see what is available and to learn about plants and to identify which plants we want to chose during the early rounds.

Round one each person chooses one plant (with all choosing at the same time), round two, two plants and so on.

After loading your new plants in your vehicle we will have a light potluck lunch and visiting. I no longer make coffee as have been told that this non-coffee drinker's coffee tastes terrible. If you have a big coffee pot or want coffee please bring it along.

When you post here I will send directions to my home and phone number if you can attend.

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