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Shade tollerant/deer resistant wildflowers???

17 years ago

We've recently purchased lakefront property in NE Washington. Cabin is on a penninsula on Curlew Lake and maps show us to be in Zone 5 although the Ag Agent says, in choosing plants, assume that we're in zone 4 or even 3 as extreme temperatures have hit 40 below (once in the last 60 years). I'd like to keep it looking "natural" and am thinking of planting some wildflower seeds. To complicate my plans, much of the area(s) that I'm thinking about are in partial shade (probably mostly shade) and all of them are visited regularly by mule deer.

What I'm ideally looking for is:

1. Shade tollerant wildflowers

2. Deer resistant

3. Wildflowers that can be grown in Zone 3 or 4 and

4. are either perrenials or annuals that will reliably reseed. (I'm lazy!)

I'd really like to be able to plant once and then lay back and admire nature's beauty for years to come! (I'll be spending my time either fishing, veggie gardening or trying to coax an orchard into giving us some goodies .....and probably trying to figure out how to outsmart our mule deer!).

So....any suggestions?????


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