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Need Tall Narrow Privacy Screen - Advice needed...

13 years ago

I have a strip of grass 40 ft long x 3ft wide. It is between two asphalt driveways. I want an instant privacy hedge. I am looking to plant something that is already at a minumum 5ft tall, but would like something that is 6' tall. I know this will cost money, but I am willing to spend it for the comfort I will have. I'd like something that tops out at 6ft-10ft. I want to space it closely together to form a privacy screen. I know I may need to do two rows, staggered. It cannot grow wider than 2-3ft because it will go on to the neighbors property.

From research on this forum, it looks like the sky pencil is perfect for me but I cannot find them, especially 5-6ft tall.

Things I am not willing to do...wait years for it to grow up to 5-6ft because I will not be living there for more than a few more years. I need to plant 5-6ft specimens.

The main concern is providing screening at the 5-6ft height which is why a lot of things do not work because they are too thin/narrow at the top, and wide at the bottom.

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