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Question about beds and sizing: follow-up from plastic question

11 years ago

First thanks to everyone who chimed in about my plastic mulch question. You guys are awesome.

I have a tractor that is about 7' wide or so at the back tires. I also have a tiller for it that is 5' wide, but can be offset. I was thinking of offsetting it over 1 of the tractor tires, then making large beds that are 10' wide with 5' in between large beds so that I can run my lawn tractor between them. Maybe each 10' bed would have 2 beds of 4' wide each or something?

Then Jay suggested the bed shaper, which has got me re-thinking it all. Jay, you mentioned that you ran over the tilled beds with the shaper, but doesn't the tractor compress the soil too much outside the shaper? My tractor is so heavy, I don't like running it over the tilled soil much. I'm trying to figure out a good arrangement for my beds. As I'm tilling and setting up a lot this fall, this is something I'd like to establish now if possible.

Maybe I should be going with 5' beds (width of tiller) and enough space between the beds only for the tractor tire (2'). But I hate how hard it is to keep the weeds down in the 2' section.

I'd love to hear suggestions for a reasonable, easy to maintain bed setup.


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