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viburnum winterthur - does anyone have this viburnum?

16 years ago

Nursery listings say Z5 hardy. Does anyone have viburnum winterthur? Have you had it long? How do you like it. Have you had any problems with winterkill? Is the fruit attractive to birds?

I'm on the lookout for small trees / shrubs for a 'forest corner' that I want to add this year. It will be a triangular area with the corners being 2 existing evergreens and 1 existing deciduous tree. Two things that I am particularily interested in are 1) adding food for birds and/or butterflies, and 2) adding color, particularily in fall and winter but other seasons of the year as well. I saw viburnum winterthur in one of the magazines that I picked up at the winter blues seed swap and the illustration caught my eye right away!

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