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inherited a Japanese maple (Bloodgood?) what now??

16 years ago

Two years ago we moved into our house and a lovely J. Maple (I believe Bloodgood based on a photo ID), is in the front yard. Each year it seems to lose and sprout its leaves differently so I think it's time for me to understand the tree so I can take care of it.

FAll '04, for example, it dropped all of its leaves at the same moment. We were literally looking out the window and they fell off! Then in the Spring of 05 it sprouted leaves in May, I believe, and it was healthy looking all Summer even with a drought here in Cincinnati and my watering regularly.

Then, in Fall 05, all the leaves stayed on most of the winter having turned a pale pinkish yellow and only fell in December/January. Now in Spring 06 everyone else's J. Maples leaves are out fully and ours has only a few at the ends of the limbs.

How should I be maintaining this tree to insure its health and survival. Since we've been here at least, it's not been pruned and it's about 10-12' high and a nice round shape.

I'm afriad that if I don't do SOMETHING soon, it will start to decline. Or am I worrying too much?



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