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poles beans runner beans question

13 years ago

until the other week i thought pole beans and runner beans was the same i am english now living in usa .

now can someone sort me out here is this right !!

are pole beans same as green/bush beans but a climbing varieties and do they set without pollination like nornaly bush/green beans do

OK runner beans are climbing beans and need bees etc to pollinate but do not do well in hot places as i here !!

i got some dwarf runner beans last years histria i think they called them)and they did not set flowers or nothing and was rubbish i live in Michigan about 30 north of Detroit(Shelby township)was that why they did not do well the weather he in michigen has anyone grown runnerbenas in michigan before !!

i am asking this as i bought (99 cents offer ) 3 pks of runner beans Desiree ,sunset and lady DI runner beans as i not grown runner beans here before (apartfrom the dwarf runners ones last year)also my Friend from UK sent me 2 lots of own seed of runner beans he used last 20 years and breed his own and wondering will i be OK with them here in Michigan to grown due to weather ??

he alsi sent me 2 lots of climbing dwarf beans (French/green) they be OK as well as they are self pollinator's like poles beans ?

any more help with them i would appreciate



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