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Disappointing showing on Scarlet Runner Bean

16 years ago

Hi all,

This year, I planted SRB in a raised, well-composted bed. About 6 plants twined up a pole I'd set in the ground, but they never exceeded 4-5 feet in height and compared to the photos I've seen on Gardenweb, they didn't leaf out prolifically at all--in fact, they looked downright scrawny compared to what other folks seem to have going on. I did get about 15 pods, altogether--I didn't pick pods during the summer to increase yield--just left the plants to their own devices.

The site is full sun. Other plants nearby--pumpkin, cukes, tomatoes, tomatillos, did extremely well in the same bed with the same conditions. I am not big on fertilizing, but I did use an organic fert. once or twice this summer and make sure, in dry spells, the plants had water.

What might I have done wrong or what might my soil be lacking? I'd like to see lusher growth next time around.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer.

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