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Fava beans

17 years ago

Hello everyone,

It's nice to have the legume forum going, thanks to all who got it off the ground.

I planted some purple favas this year. I've never grown a fava bean before in my life, but I've been a gardener for years, so I figure I can grow pretty much anything. Anyway, I haven't quite known what to expect. They actually look more like pea vines, with the oppositional round leaves and a bit of a climbing habit. It looks like they have a black and white flower at each leaf axil. They reached about 14" in height, didn't get any taller, then started blooming. I'm figuring this is good news, but I really don't know.

Has anyone here grown favas? How tall do they get? I've got a blackberry bush behind them for support if they need it, but so far they don't seem to be putting out tendrils or looking for anything to hang onto.

I know the British rave about favas. Heck, I've never even tasted one. If you have ANY info about favas, please share.



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