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Newbie here...dumb bean questions

16 years ago

I started some bush beans inside about 4 weeks ago. And transplanted them to my "very first garden ever" last weekend. They were doing so well inside, but not so good after this week. When inside, the leaves were round as expected. But now they are very jagged. Is something eating them? Birds?

I have found a worm on some brussels sprouts planted, but that leaf damage was very different. One of the leaves on the beans seem to be turning milky color as well. I also have a few tomato plants and pepper plants in this first attempt. Everything else seems ok, except putting them in too early. The peppers and tomatoes I put in about 3 weeks ago (there was still some cold nights here) and the peppers developed some dark spots on there stems. But they seem to be growing ok. Have I totally blown my first shot at a garden, or is this recoverable?

Thanks in advance


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