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small letuce planting

18 years ago

I have been thinking about trying a west windowsill lettuce planting using a vinyl gutter styrene top small holes with cotton balls for plant sites basicly raft style an aquarium pump (above water level) and perforated length of aqaurium tubing to bubble air. Plants considered bunch lettuce and salad spinich. Nutrients peters 20-20-20 some calcium chloride & epsoms salts. Probaly replace nutrints at 2-3 weeks and crop at aprox 6 weeks. Top up with water and check ph daily. Any one tried this? Any thoughts or sugestions? As a second phase of the experiment i may try trays of mixed bunch letuce spinich radish any quick salad green(mache'?) and set one tray per week harvesting one tray per week. Goals:Trying to keep it cheap simple and easy, usable year round with little to no dirt/sand insect/rabbit damage. I do want to try natural lighting first since sol is free and they charge me money for E. If i get er done i will try to keep track of expenses and yeild.

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