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Chicken coop in a Japanese garden??

14 years ago

OK, I know it sounds odd.

I'm on a half-acre lot. The front half of the lot contains the house and three rather flat areas of lawn. I've begun to create some borders in front that have a Japanese style to them to give more curb appeal. The house is an early cottage-ranch style built in 1950. The house has painted shingles and large heavy door with circular window. It lends itself to a naturalistic Japanese garden. I'm thinking more towards the Tea garden or strolling garden look.

The back half of the property is on an eastern facing slope which is difficult to walk up and down - kind of slippery. We've been tearing out bramble and replacing with natives. There are existing Doug firs and native dogwoods so it seems logical to go with the woodland look there, as time and money allows.

Now to the chicken coop. We've recently obtained 6 hens. A friend built us a small 4x4' shed style coop made of recycled cedar boards. We have a temporary run attached but eventually will want to make permanant fencing so the chooks can be out more. All of this is on the north side of the house, flat, and has access to water.

My question is how to make this all work together in the context of the style? Is there such a thing as a Japanese rural style?

Eventually we'll build a larger coop, about 6x8', which I would like to resemble a teahouse. Would love to use bamboo for the outside run but not sure if it would be secure for the chickens in keeping other animals out.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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