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Several Chicken Coop Questions???????

18 years ago

My 16 chicks are now about 5.5 weeks old, they are still in our basement in a large cage made with wooden strapping and hardware cloth so that we can change the paper daily and it keeps them fairly clean. We are currently finishing the shed/convertion to coop and hope to have it finished by this weekend. Our rush to get them outside is due to the smell! I cannot believe the output of these girls.

Our coop will be about 45 feet away from our house, am I going to regret that they are so close (smell) or will frequent cleaning keep the smell down? The inside coop will be 8x8' and the outside enclosed run will be at the least 12x16'The floor will be vinyl tiles for easy cleaning (lovely floral design on sale at Lowes!)

I can dump the dirty litter way back in the woods to compost so I am hoping that the overall smell will not be bad.

So I'm just curious as to how often most people clean out their coops?

How long does the chicken manure need to compost before it can be used safely in the garden?

There will be two layers of siding on the walls, the exterior is the existing wooden slats of the shed and the interior will be lined with OSB 1/2 inch board. We live in New England and our winters can get very cold, do you think we should add insulation between the two layers? all of our variety of birds are "winter hardy" and chosen for that reason but 2 years ago it was 27 below zero and they canceled school it was so cold.

Thanks in advance for any input! I read this forum constantly and enjoy the wonderful people here, I would post more but I am too inexperienced to offer advice :)

Thanks so much!


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