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New project, need insight from fellow landscapers

18 years ago


Up until now, one side of my property has been soo dull and underdeveloped, namely the western side. This is sad, since this is where the sun is set, and if im standing against that wall I have a nice view of the sunset. So I figured its time to start do something about it. Since I do have a full wood deck on the southern side (towards the pond, remember), I wanted to extend that deck around the corner, like in the picture below. And I do want to create a "japanese" feeling. Since this is probably the best I can do since no real "landscape" can be designed here. And this area get quite a bit of sun... so Im unsure if maples and hostas will survive here.

Anyway, here is a sketch I made:


Asn you can see I started with the deck (im NOT a 2D artist). Then I added gravel in an uneven pattern surrounding it. Then to balance the picture I added some shrubs (possibly muschantis grass, azalea, astilbe, bamboo)

Then since the area is accessible from the back by walking on the deck, I figured it should also be accessible from the front. Therefor I added a path using some flat stones. And no path should be complete without a lantern, I added a kasuga (unsure about location.)

And since the view from the west contains the street, I added a korean style screen to protect from unwanted attention when Im sititng there enjoying the sunset.

For your reference, here is a pic from the south, undeveloped. Its my plan to extend the wood deck around this corner.


Now Im curious about your thoughts... My main concern is to balance the scene, since the wall is sooo overwhelming in the original state. I wanted to create a cosy place with a japanese touch and also I want it to be estetically pleasing since quite a lot of people pass by my property every day. I will probably add some plant in a pot on the deck, as well as a small chair and a table (not on the pic).

And when my sad sakura (cherry) will start to grow, I will get some more screening.

thank you for any and all comments, suggestions, revisements


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